Why are lights so important?

People need light. By day we can enjoy the delicious, natural light of the sun. But on dark days and at night we crave light.

Lighting in your home is as important as other creature comforts. It’s not just about placing lights in certain places, so that you are not in the dark.

Lighting is about creating an atmosphere where one can relax, work, play, or just be. In other words, feel at home. Sulsolar looks to achieve and create the best lighting for each space in your home, in terms of aesthetics, function, flexibility, and cost/quality. At the same time, we envision to reduce costs and energy consumption by using LED lights.

Why we use LED lights?

Led lights have many benefits and advantages.

  • They are up to 85% more efficient than fluorescent lights.
  • They reduce your energy bill with regards to lighting up to 80%.
  • They are energy efficient, as they convert energy into light and not into heat, as fluorescent lights do.
  • They don’t have any toxic elements in comparison with fluorescent lights, which contain mercury, a very toxic substance.
  • They are developed through new technologies that are environmentally more beneficial.
  • They have a life span of approximately six times the life span of other types of lighting.
  • They have a better quality of light distribution and focus light in one direction.
  • You need less LED lights to achieve the same level of brightness as compared to fluorescent light.

Sulsolar will find the right LED light for the right space and its function. Thus we create the atmosphere you want to achieve and at the same time emphasise special architectural features in and around your home. By lighting up places and pieces that are special to you, we make your home and its atmosphere unique. We provide interior as well as exterior lighting solutions. In your garden we creating a game of light and flora as well give a feeling of security around you.


Sulsolar is your go-to company when it comes to LED lighting for your home, your business, your garden, your pool or whatever project you want to light up.
At Sulsolar we offer bespoke LED and low energy lighting solutions. Sulsolar cares about you and the environment. It aims to provide the best possible price-quality solution for each specific situation and project.
Sulsolar will find the right light for the right spot.


Mark Lauterslager, founder of Sulsolar started visiting Portugal with his parents at a young age. After “commute-living” between the Netherlands and Portugal, he settled in the Algarve. Realising the potential of the natural energy of the sun, he started selling solar lighting. But the need for high quality energy saving lights became clear, hence the focus on customised LED lighting solutions. His brand, Sulsolar, offers bespoke lighting solutions to private houses, commercial properties, businesses, resto, hotels and even musea.